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  1. Netwoman

    Wow! These women actually look like women I know…comforting – and I don’t have to urge to starve myself or vomit my breakfast.

    This is the type of thing we need to see more of…though I am surprised at the response of the modelling bureaus. Don’t they want ‘normal’ women to see what clothing actually looks like on them?


  2. scribblingwoman

    Gender links
    Burningbird discusses the scapegoating of female soldiers for Abu Ghraib. From Media Matters for America: Ann Coulter, right-wing pundit and…

  3. Liliputian Lilith

    late night links
    Dinner with a friend and lots and lots of talking – which in my world translates to having had enough beer that now it’ll take me a while to calm down enough to get sleepy. So, I’m reading blogs instead….

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