Random Place is an Australian soap opera that’ll be delivered to mobile phones at 8 am and 3.30 pm on weekdays, and will cost between AUS $1 and $2.50 a week (that’s nothing, it’s US$1.15-1.95, or NOK 7,50-12,00, and it’s per week not per message), depending on your phone subscription. It’s billed as something to entertain you while you’re on the bus or tram on your way to work or on your way home – clever, eh? I assume it’s video. Anyway, I’m subscribing to the web version, which is free, and perhaps conveniently excludes me from competitions and the like. (via Anya)

It’d be cool to experience it as it’s meant to be experienced, though, on a crowded bus or tram in rush hour. (Via

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  1. chris

    It looks horrible, but I’m in Sydney, so I must try it out.
    How did you work out the cost? Its not on Anyas’ and I can’t
    find it anyhwere on the randomplace site.
    Ah, no. Thought I better have a better look before saying that & its
    right there on the subscriptions page. Its a lot cheaper than the
    data would cost maybe. Though with all the handsets being supported
    I can’t imagine its video.

    I might post up some phone screenshots when it gets going.

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