The radio interview this morning was fun, and living as we do in convergent times, they remediated it into a web article three hours later: Doktor i internettfiksjon [update: with a link to the audio]. Very efficient way of interviewing people, that. I mean, it was literally a four minute interview, with all of three minutes of small talk on either side. My taxi pulled up at 6:53 (a little late, the driver went to the wrong address…) and they waved goodbye to me at 7:03, by which time the news had been on for three minutes.

The taxi driver who drove me home was cute. It was his second day on the job, so he was extra talkative, and by way of conversation he asked me whether I worked at NRK, where he’d picked me up. No, no, I said, they interviewed me. “Oh, you’re famous!” he said, making me laugh with that pleasure at being flattered, even jokingly. “You can drop me off here”, I said, “don’t bother driving all the way in, there’s so little room to turn.” But he insisted. “Nonsense! You’re famous! I’ll drive you all the way to your door step!”

He had the radio on, of course, but it was tuned to Radio 1. Not NRK.

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  1. solveig

    by the way (comment to the web article), have you seen the tobacco baron game at another variant of games with political agendas, with a “learn more about how the tobacco industry operates”-rhetoric

  2. real icon

    Jaha, du “kominerte” dine to lidenskaper?
    It was fun to be able to listen to you. Maybe you could regard that interview as a kind of warm up for the defense – testing your reactions to questions you didn’t quite expect (the “most shocking” thing you’ve come across during your research etc. …). I’m sure you will do a great job!
    I wish I’d get some critical response about my thesis before my disputatio … *suck* Well, at least I will have the opportunity to make changes to the text afterwards, which you probably won’t have, I guess? Anyway, I wish you all the best!

  3. Jill

    Wow, someone actually heard the interview! That’s amazing! I thought no one would be up that early! And I even forgot to tell my mother, for which omission I bet she’s mad at me… “But it was on my blog, Mum!” Hm.

    I’d managed to forget the “most shocking” question. Yes, that was unexpected. What the most shocking thing I’d come across was? Hm…

    But I’m totally confused: who are you, Real Icon? I don’t recognise your email address and your URL is a German Harry Potter site?

  4. real icon

    to disappoint you, Jill, I actually didn’t listen to the live broadcast (this would have been a little difficult here in Munich) – the NRK site you linked to simply offers an audio file of your interview, so all I had to do was to click on the link, and voil‡ … (most shocking: the 9/11 stuff)

    not to have introduced myself … It was a little difficult to do it while both my brothers and my father were quarreling whose turn it was to use the computer. The new coremi-link might help.

  5. Jill

    There’s an audio link? So there is! Cool! How silly of me to have missed that!

    Now I’ll dare talk with my Mum again, I can tell her she didn’t miss a thing, though I did forget to tell her to listen to the radio 🙂

    Good luck with your defence, Cornelia!

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