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  1. Anonymous

    I saw this on Wonkette early yesterday – http://www.wonkette.com

  2. Alexander

    I’ve seen this in so many blogs — but these photos came from two different news agencies: AP calls it looting and AFP calls it finding food.

  3. Alexander

    To put things in perspective — here’s what the photographer of the AFP/Getty pictures writes.

  4. Jill

    Thanks for the link, Alexander, and yeah, I realise they were from two different agencies.

  5. k-märkt

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  6. […] Nicely Flickred comparison of two press reports – the black person “looted” food, while the white people “found” food. (Thanks to Dustin3000) (though maybe Metafilter was first on this) jill/txt unequal [via Sum of My Parts] (2005-08-31) […]

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