Now this is a good quote for bloggers, found and cited by Alex:

I believe that an intellectual should use newspapers the way private diaries and personal letters were once used. At white heat, in the rush of an emotion, stimulated by an event, you write your reflections, hoping that someone will read them and then forget them. I donít believe there is any gap between what I write in my ëacademicí books and what I write in the papers. I cannot say precisely whether, for the papers, I try to translate into language accessible to all and apply to the events under consideration the ideas I later develop in my academic books, or whether it is the opposite that happens. Probably many of the theories expounded in my academic books grew gradually, on the basis of the observations I wrote down as I followed current events.î
– Umberto Eco (1986), in the preface to the American edition of Travels in Hyperreality

Alex tops this off in a new post with links to an HP research project on semantic blogging and other goodies.

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