I’m thinking of awarding myself a week in the States after defending my thesis, as a prize for being so amazingly impressive and having managed to complete a PhD. (Yes, I know, I haven’t actually got it yet, and it could still be turned down, but I’m an optimist. And heck, if I don’t get it I’ll need a consolation prize!) The first week of December’s looking good – I’ll fly in to New York (because I was totally awestruck last time I was there, and because flights are cheap) and I’ll visit Elin in Boston, and my ticket will say Dr Walker instead of Ms Walker, but apart from that – are there any edifying things happening round then and there?

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  1. Henning

    Sounds like a good idea. Take som warm clothes with you though. Winter in NYC can be very cold. Being norwegian I thought I’d be prepared for wintertime over there, but the freezing wind between the skyscrapers were extreme when I were there in March 2002. I ended up in H&M (were else 🙂 by Times Square, buying clothing (which didn’t fit me well by the way, – far to large) just to keep warm. Wrapped up in multiple layers I still froze, wishing for clothing of the kind eskimos wear.

  2. Scott Rettberg

    Jill —

    You should come to Jersey and talk to my class and eat some Italian food. I’ll throw a party.


  3. Seb

    6 months later, but this might give you an excuse to come back again, Jill:


    Digital Environments and the Liberal Arts

    The Fifth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association
    RIT Campus, Rochester, New York
    June 10ñ13, 2004
    Media Environments and the Liberal Arts

  4. Scott

    Is your email working, Jill? —

    I’ve sent an email a couple times and gotten back “A message (from ) was received at 14 Aug 2003 18:08:45 +0000.

    The following addresses had delivery problems:

    Permanent Failure: 550-Host_204.127.198.35_is_(rbl.uib.no)_blacklisted
    Delivery last attempted at Thu, 14 Aug 2003 18:08:47 -0000

  5. vika


    If you’re up for stopping by Providence (it’s between New York and Boston!), and I’m there and not in the UK, I’ll be happy to feed you Russian food. Also, perhaps we could try to arrange for you to give a talk? Or is this a completely-holiday holiday? There’ll be some humanities computing seminar meetings during the semester, but the schedule isn’t finalized yet.

  6. andrew stern

    Let’s have hot chocolate, I’m moving to Boston this Fall!

  7. Jamie

    If you’re in Boston (oops, Cambridge) visiting Elin I’d be glad to sponsor you to give a talk at Dal (a little north in Nova Scotia). My grad class would certainly be interested in your research and I’m sure that the rest of the Faculty would benefit too.

  8. Jill

    Ooh, I’m going to have fun, aren’t I! Henning, I’ll bring woollen underwear, Scott, your mailserver is blacklisted as a spammer (!) but I’ll get an exception made for you with the uib.no server, other suggestions sound great, I’ll email you 🙂

  9. Elin

    No no no no guys – Jill is visiting ME! No time for a scholarly tour: every minute will be devoted to doing duck tours, museum, bars, girl stuff, etc etc etc:-)
    Right Jill? Aren’t we?

  10. Jill

    Duck tours? You didn’t mention ducks on the phone, Elin!

  11. lisa

    Connecticut (where I am) lies conveniently between New York and Boston. Just FYI.

  12. Mark Bernstein

    For the very excellent duck tours (which are not about waterfowl!) see http://www.bostonducktours.com/ !

  13. Elin

    Thanks for the link, Mark:-)
    Didn’t remember that people outside Boston might not know what duck tours are!

  14. Alex

    Can’t even begin to describe the fun out here in Chicago – especially since you’ve got a guide with karmic debt to work off.

  15. vika

    Hey Jill,

    I’m having Scott’s problem trying to answer your e-mail:

    (reason: 550-Host is (rbl.uib.no) blacklisted)

    I’m not spamming, I’m talking borsch! That’s markedly different.

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