I wrote yesterday about how blogs are becoming mainstream, and in a comment to that post, Trond reminded me that the president of Iran now blogs at ahmadinejad.ir. Despite initial discussions of the blogs veracity (Boing Boing: “Either the presidential blog is fake, or they are total n00bs.“) it is now clear that the blog is official, though unlikely to be written by the president personally – politicians usually get their assistents to do their blogging.

Of course, it’s particularly interesting that the president of Iran has started a blog, given that Iranian blogs are among the most common examples given of how blogging can give a voice and a space for a counterculture and a political opposition in a non-democratic society.

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  1. Chadie

    I have heard that there is javascript in his blog that tries to send information about the visiotr.
    I dont know if this is false information.

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