• finish reading 53 pages of MA thesis-in-progress
  • meeting about thesis
  • gather and send out documents about department to working group sent info, postpone rest till weekend
  • secret thing I should have done fifteen years ago, involving buses to odd places (phew, finally)
  • spend a few hours preparing Friday’s lecture introducing net art to curators
  • photocopy all those articles
  • buy new adaptor for powerbook to projector since I can’t find the other two
  • hem new trousers or find other decent outfit for tomorrow (well, I didn’t do this, they need to be taken up just a little, a couple of centimetres, but it involves lining and they’ll just have to do for now)
  • pack bought new cool backpack with room for powerbooks and overnight stuff in separate compartments so panties don’t fall out when getting out powerbook during meeting
  • consider whether time for haircut, decide there isn’t
  • meet S. for drinks!
  • catch night train and sleep in bunk with crisp white sheets, imagining am on Orient Express

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