Ooh. Rohit Gupta isn’t selling his novel for money, he’s selling it, phrase by phrase, for links. You can read Le Spirale Fantastique without paying a link, don’t worry, but look:

I’m writing a blognovel. If you like a quotation from this novel, tell me about it. I will link that text, less than 50 words, to your blog or website. In return, you use that quote as a link to my novel on your site. It’s a gift-exchange system, and that simple. After this, you own that quote. I own nothing, and nothing owns me.

I have no time now but will read later with an eye to buy. I’ll pick and choose. Consider which phrase suits me best, whether rhythm or alliteration looks better now in wintertime. What fun! (Oh, and Gupta also writes that SMS novel, Cloak Room)

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