Orkut’s put up stats, showing the connectors (people most other people are most closely connected to), the celebrities and the stars. As Danah points out this probably won’t help build community, but it’s interesting seeing who’s listed. Clark, one of the US presidential candidates who’s now withdrawn from the race, is on there. His profile is being managed by Cameron Barrett, the man behind Blogdex, but still. Presidential candidates don’t just blog, they Orkut. Or get their employees to do it for them.

Though he didn’t win.

2 thoughts on “orkut stats

  1. Alex Halavais

    Given your objection to outsiders mining the data, I wonder if you feel it is appropriate for Orkut to be doing so?

    (Oh, and I think you may have your Camerons crossed…Barrett is of Camworld fame, Marlow is of Blogdex.)

  2. i1277

    God blogg
    Noe av det jeg liker best med faget er den delen av det som glir over i et mystisk landskap…

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