Look, he’s serious! And so incredibly honest about it! From today’s email:

I am interested in buying text link advertising promoting my internet pharmacy off of your website. The links would not have to be in a very prominent place on the website, as I am not looking for traffic from your site. I am looking to increase my PageRank in google.I am looking to place about 5 – 10 links.

If this opportunity interests you, then please respond.

Perhaps this is incredibly common, but I’ve never received such a proposition before. I did write a paper about it, though: Links and Power: the Political Economy of Linking on the Web.

3 thoughts on “opportunity

  1. elin

    … how m u c h is he willing to pay for links:-)
    Do it~! Make the linking text white and you’re all set….

  2. Anders Jacobsen

    Sounds a bit like link-builder to me. They frequently email personalized “spams” asking for link exchanges, but are less open about their targets than your guy…

    Just be aware:

  3. finn b

    hei Jill,
    this was seriously discussed by US advertisers on the blog conference in Wienna in May. They were bluntly honest about this, and we also debated how much time we have left of free access to the net until the commercial interests take over or spam our communication as they have done in email. Maybe the age of innocence is over.

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