4 thoughts on “On the ferry

  1. Matt

    Looks a bit Final, this ferry journey (it’s not really strange how abstract images have that mythic quality) — don’t pay the ferryman just yet!

    Whilst I’m all for playing with info-ubiquity, I think the Proper Camera won’t lose its place. If I wasn’t a scientist, I’d say this image exhibits excessive Splodginess (those pink highlights, the random coloured dots in the waves). On the other hand, if I was an artist I’d say that was quite an improvement over oh-so-perfect CCDs. A pocket Seurat generator in fact.

  2. Elin

    Oh…..Final, ey? That must be the reason why I felt claustrophobic watching it. Hmm… no, it must be because I just don’t like landscape pictures. On second thought, it must be because I rode a ferry twice every single week day for three years at high school… Jill, your picture reminds me of endless pensive waiting and longing for a harbor.

  3. Jill

    It was quite a long trip. But I had to take a photo of SOMETHING, cos you know, I wanted to moblog. It’s just that there are so many things not worth moblogging. I hope to do better from France 🙂

  4. Elin

    Ay ay Captain!
    Your picture captured a whole lot of emotion:-)
    I want to moblog too, but sigh… it must wait….

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