Apropos the ideas in Rob Wittig’s Invisible Rendevous, here’s a writing festival starting tomorrow about just this kind of literature:

If traditional, mainstream literature is the equivalent of a 19th century still-life, literature as a contemporary art form would be the equivalent of the art video or the sculpture that uses genetically-engineered cells as its medium. That is, contemporary art-lit can be thought of as a kind of literature that is as invested in its own medium or materials as it is engaged with the world: a literature that is more interested in using form, like its counterparts in music and the visual arts, to work through ideas rather than to create a transparent, illusionistic window on the world. (&now website)

Scott Rettberg and the other Unknowns are reading there, and Rob himself is giving a talk/reading titled “ìGotta Blog This Right Awayîóreadings and reflections from the Blog-O-Sphere”. I hope they do blog it!

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