While the idea of serial, all-encompassing blog fiction fascinates me, it’s the tiny drops that have me coming back again and again. Like Oblivio’s find of an unsent email to a girlfriend several years ago. It’s likely to be fiction. It’s not really or necessarily part of a larger narrative. I know I can not read Oblivio for weeks and not have to catch up. Or I can spend hours reading the archives.

Non-committal reading. Should I worry that I like that? Or simply smile to know that un-committed as I am, I’ve actually been returning to Oblivio’s weblog every few days or weeks or months for a couple of years now. Some would call that loyalty.

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  1. Jose Angel

    (put this post under erasure – “i didn’t blog this”: you see, no responses so far, and this one’s invisible, but I for one went and visited Oblivio’s blog which I would have never done if I hadn’t read your post. So, perhaps nine-tenths, or ninety-nine percent, of what happens in the blogs is invisible, just like this post, quite an iceberg you see, even if there are no comments).

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