Smoking in bars and restaurants became illegal in Norway a few hours ago. I was surprised to read that Norway’s only the second country in the world to pass such strict anti-smoking legislation – certainly both the US and Australia used to be way ahead of Norway in anti-smoking laws. Outdoor seating has materialised outside of virtually every restaurant in town, but come winter, I don’t suppose that will be a very attractive alternative for diehard smokers. Astonishingly, 90% of Norwegians think that smoking is unsexy, uncool and untrendy to boot, although 26% of Norwegians still smoke. That cultural change happened fast!

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  1. Bryan Young

    I don’t think you will ever see the USA outlaw smoking anywhere as a country. It is considered too much of a civil liberty issue. On a city by city basis laws against smoking in resteraunts are being established, but lets also not forget that for several states tobacco is big buisness so their senators would never allow a national smoking law to pass.

  2. Ian Bogost

    Yes, laws like this are typically state-by-state in the USA. California outlawed smoking in restaurants in 1994. They outlawed smoking in bars in… I think 1996, maybe 1997. And I have to admit, as someone who lived in Los Angeles since the restaurant ban until a month ago, when I go into a restaurant and someone asks me, “smoking or non-?” I literally gasp in disgust: people smoke while they eat?

  3. Eric Scheid

    Don’t worry about Australia falling behind. The local council for Manly Beach recently outlawed smoking on that beach, and the same is being considered for Bondi Beach too.

  4. amber hamilton

    i have to write a persuasive essay and i am thinking about doing it on smoking in resteraunts. I am a non smoker and think this would be a benificail law to pass. Any one have any information for me? 🙂

  5. amber hamilton

    if anyone has some helpful information or insight you can email me and i will appreciate it greatly.

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