kasper.jpg He slept through my entire visit, so I didn’t get to hold him. But while his mother was unwrapping the soft cotton blanket I’d brought for him he opened his eyes a little, not quite awake, but looking steadfastly at me as I smiled to him, gazing into his deep, dark newborn eyes. He considered me, seriously, then slept again, without crying for the safety of his mother. I take this as a good sign.

3 thoughts on “newborn

  1. Norman

    He’s still a tad too young to make the necessary “stranger danger” response, so don’t take it personally, should he cry next time you smile at him.

  2. lisa

    He’s beautiful.

  3. Jill

    He is, isn’t he? And stranger danger? Oh, I know, but I’ll just have to work at never becoming a stranger 🙂

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