Tinka has embarked on a project to identify and then bend, twist, mutilate and undo the various paratexts of blogging. She’s started with the blogger’s bio, the “about me” section you’ll often find in the upper left corner of a blog. Hers is currently as full of dashes, elisions and absences as a pseudo-autobiographical novel (“Lady D&emdash; was born in the in the quiet village of K&emdash; in L&emdash;”) and her postings suggest that the datestamp, possibly the prime indicator of a blog’s self-declaration as a blog, may be next.

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  1. the chutry experiment

    And while this happened…
    Another cool concept via Elouise and Jill: Tinka’s investigation and undoing of the paratexts of blogging. Tinka has already toyed with the author’s autobiography, but she also has dispensed with the date stamp on her entries. Her title for every…

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