There’s a story on mobile literature in the NY Times, taken from the International Herald Tribune which fortunately doesn’t require registration, and they mention Media Republic‘s mobile phone soap opera Jung-Zuid, complete with well-known stars and so on. I can’t read Dutch, but the company’s working on an Australian version to be called “My Way”. Vodaphone and Twentieth Century Fox have teamed up to produce a “mobile drama” version of the TV series 24, to be offered in one minute video segments to mobile phone customers in 23 countries starting next month.

2 thoughts on “mobile drama

  1. David

    Have you read “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson? I would assume you would have, but I keep forgetting that we’re in different countries. There’s a real nice kind of grafitti distributed rendered film subplot in that book. Very cool.

  2. Jill

    I loved Pattern Recognition. Well, the first half of it, anyay, the second half wasn’t as brilliant, I thought, though I still enjoyed it. It was Pattern Recognition set me off on the distributed narrative stuff in the first place 🙂

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