More than half the population mistrusts mainstream media, according to two recent Australian surveys that confirm previous US and Australian studies. The public believes that journalists and media are often biased, that they don’t check their facts well, that they invade peoples’ privacy, that there is too much entertainment news and that there is not sufficient diversity in the media.

Of course, the public still buys sensationalist reports of crime, celebrity sex and simple answers.

But you do see why people might find reporting from outside the mainstream media appealing.

2 thoughts on “mistrusting media

  1. bicyclemark

    But I think there is an irony… a sort of hypocracy.. where these very people his dont trust it, he believe they dont fact check, etc… still spend good amounts of time consulting those very newsources. If I had a nickel.. or euro.. err.. a kroner.. for every friend who denounced the mass media and then had msnbc as their browser’s autostart page.. Id.. have alot of currency.

  2. bicyclemark

    i think its my typing.. not my spelling that is ruining me.

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