I just got an email offering me $14 for each book sold if I advertise a book called Blogs to Riches on my site. You’d be paying a modest $47 for a copy; I’d get 30%. More likely, you’d not pay $47, I’d get nothing, and the publisher would get some PageRank. Oh, he’ll sell some copies. Writing and selling such a book would no doubt be a way of making dollars off your weblog.

I wrote back and told him that if he sent me a copy so I could see what I’d be marketing, I’d consider it. You never know. Hey, at least he didn’t comment spam me.

3 thoughts on “make $$$$ off your blog

  1. Anders Jacobsen

    Sounds vaguely familiar [1]. That being said, there’s definitely a $ to be made from Google AdSense [2]

    [1] http://www.jacobsen.no/anders/blog/archives/2003/04/28/you_can_make_money_blogging.html
    [2] http://a.wholelottanothing.org/features.blah/entry/007472

  2. Elin

    ….30%? That makes no sense..

  3. Jill

    Unless the price is wildly inflated in the first place…

    Anders, your google ads don’t even look too bad. I suspect a blog on TiVo, like the guy in your second reference, would make a LOT more money off textads than someone like me would, since I don’t really write much about commerical products. The TiVo keyword would fetch lots of related products. I shudder to think what kinds of ads “political web games”, “net art” or “hypertext fiction” would conjure up. It’s great that some people can fund their blogging like this.

    My blog probably pays for the time I spend on it too – in freelance writing and speaking jobs I’m asked to do. Plus in building a network and an academic career 🙂

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