5 thoughts on “linking

  1. mjones

    Holy crap! I have 805!! Why is there not smoke coming out of my keyboard?

  2. chuck

    I clearly like linking, too. I think I have 270, but Miriam definitely blows me away.

  3. dr. b.

    So I suppose that 244 links would be a bad thing according to google? Oh well, let’s just chalk it up to information overload and move on! LOL

    By the way, I absolutely LOVE the new banner image. The movement and light are spectacular!

  4. Alvaro

    Jill: I like most of the in your blog visuals. And the picture of the girl (at Bryggen) shines. Keep on using that camera!

  5. Jill



    Part of the reason I redesigned the blog is that the last design – with the big face – didn’t encourage me to post photographs. I love my camera 🙂

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