Since I just handed out the first paper assignments yesterday, today a link to 57 tips (!) for writing your term paper might be in order. also has many suggestions for how to hack your studying skills. (For the un-initiated: this kind of stuff is also known as productivity pr0n and one should be wary of spending more time reading it than one spends being productive…)

3 thoughts on “lifehacks for students

  1. terri

    hey jill, thanks for the 57 tips!! i definately needed them lol. I am exploring a piece of your writing at the moment for an online essay, check it out if you like

  2. terri

    i also love the concept and new ways of writing stories online.. it opens up a whole new world for imaginative interactive writing.. like a hybrid between text, aural and visual, graphics and animae.. adventure and suspense! I will definately spend more time examining your site!

  3. Sindre

    I sense a vicious cycle coming my way. This is indeed something that may result in
    procrastination on my part. *must resist*

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