Any MoveableType experts around? I’d love help on this. You see, if someone sends me a trackback, but the entry it’s sent from doesn’t have a title, MoveableType substitutes the URL of the post instead. The URL is invariably far too long and on PCs this breaks the layout of this site. There’s a nasty overlap thing that happens. Macs (Explorer and Safari, at least) deal with the long URL by elegantly breaking it up. If you’re on a PC you’ll be seeing the ugliness of this right now, because I got a titleless trackback.

Here’s my code for showing the trackbacks:

<MTPings lastn=”7″>
<a href=”<$MTPingURL$>”><$MTPingTitle$></a><br>
(<$MTPingDate format=”%e/%m”$> from <i><$MTPingBlogName$></i>)<br />

I tried putting in a trim_to=”15″ (one of the global tags) as an attribute to <MTPingTitle>, hoping that would cut the long URLs short enough to show neatly in the menu, but that simply stops titles or links from showing.

Now, MoveableType won’t do if-then statements, will it? I’d love to be able to say “if there’s a title, use it, otherwise, just put in “titleless” and link from that. There’s heaps of other places I’d have liked to use if-thens as well…

So, any suggestions to how to solve this? I really don’t want to have to scrap the trackbacks in the menu or delete trackbacks without titles, though I suppose the second may be the logical choice.

I posted this question to the MT Support Forum too.

3 thoughts on “layout problems

  1. Robert

    You could try getting around it, so that instead of


    you might use


    It changes the aesthetics but it might help.

  2. Robert

    (Whoops. When I hit preview it removed all my careful encoding…)

    You could try getting around it, so that instead of

    <a href=”<$MTPingURL$>”><$MTPingTitle$></a>

    you might use

    <a href=”<$MTPingURL$>”>Link</a>: <$MTPingTitle$>

    It changes the aesthetics but it might help.

  3. Jill

    Mm, that might need to be what I do. I could use an icon of some sort instead of the “link” text, too. Or I’ll just have to delete every trackback without a title. I suppose I have only had two in the last two months, and one of those I crafted myself. Silly of me, huh?

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