lavender.jpg/S?©gri?®s, June 30/
Row upon row of lavender, a sudden lake of blue in yellow fields of wheat. Lavender’s blue, lavender’s green, I knew that, but until I came to Provence I didn’t know that the blue and the green blur together until you see a field of bluegreen, two colours both separate and inseparable, the warp and the weft rather than blended light or paint. The wind blows, changing the blue against green, letting one dominate then the other, an invisible hand running along the long lines of bushes separating straight flexible stalks from fluorescent blue flowers.

4 thoughts on “lavender

  1. lisa


  2. Eirik

    Mmmm – a well-crafted piece of text with a nice picture to go with it! As I’ve discovered for myself, a smallish illustration now and then never hurt a blog. 😉

  3. Jill

    Ah, and I haven’t had too many of them, have I? The illustrations, I mean 😉 I agree, Eirik – I have a CD full of photos from France but still no digital camera of my own – once I get a camera there’ll be no stopping me, just wait and see!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. David

    Cool pick! and a very insightful comment. I loved it!

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