5 thoughts on “jersey shore

  1. Jason

    I was just at the Jersey shore too … beautiful, empty, and chilly.

    (and, since I haven’t said it yet, congratulations on the successful defense!)

  2. Michael

    is that brigantine?

  3. Jill

    It is indeed Brigantine – are you from round here?

  4. scott

    The picture you took makes it look nice — I was freezing my arse off. Next time I wander down the street I’m packing gloves. But the company was outstanding. Jersey already misses you.

  5. Bill C


    A great photo. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Jersey. As an NJ shore native it is always wonderful to see people enjoy the area. My great hope is that more people will realize that there is more to the state than the area around the Newark airport… 🙂

    And congrats on your defense. I hope that I get there someday….

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