See, I knew flowers were good:

3. Buy yourself flowers once a week and display them prominently on your desk. Women who sat near a bouquet of flowers were more relaxed during a typing assignment than women who didn’t have flowers, according to a Kansas State University study of 90 women.

(“Defuse stress”, via lifehack)

4 thoughts on “item 3: buy flowers

  1. Anne Helmond

    That is one of the nicest and easiest ways towards stress relief. Definitely going to put that to the test!

  2. Clare

    What an awesome article! Thanks. 🙂

  3. Kjerstin

    Makes perfect sense to me! I also notice that after I bought myself a digital camera, I appreciate flowers even more than before. 🙂

  4. Tyler Ingram

    If only work would allow me some plants at my desk! Plants relax me can be anything from a fern, to mini-roses but just having plantlife around me seems to be soothing. One of my co-workers is trying to revive an Orchid that one of our previous co-workers left behind when he quit.

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