Imagine spinning a story to reinvent your life. It seems that’s what Chicago girl Norma Khouri did. When sick of her marriage and her mother, she wrote a book detailing her life escaping from patriarchal Jordan, and not only made a pretty penny, she was also granted asylum in Australia. She’s even still sticking to her story. She just invented that American identity in order to escape Jordan. The title of her book is wonderful: Forbidden Love: A Harrowing True Story of Love and Revenge in Jordan – sounds good, eh?

3 thoughts on “invent-a-life

  1. Jim

    Up until the bit about “granted asylum in Australia” it all sounded so believable……

  2. Anonymous

    I am totally new to this blogging thing, and can’t even remember how I landed here – probably through the article on blogging in Guardian Unlimited. Many thanks for some really interesting and inspiring stuff!

  3. Jill

    Here’s a followup article on this.

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