10 thoughts on “interview

  1. Scott

    I think it’s lovely. And it throws your opponent off center. Very strategic.

  2. Mum

    The article’s great. The picture’s gorgeous and the interviewee comes over as completely is gorgeous. Just thought you’d like a completely objective evaluation.

  3. Toril

    Nice interview, Jill. In case you didn’t know it; I think you ARE the humanistic
    informatics department!! So needless to say, you should be the head of our
    department, and young is GREAT.

  4. Sbu

    Gee, you are going to give stuffy academics a bad name if you keep pulling moves like this! What are you thinking in this picture? You actually come across quite cheeky and funny but in a serious kind of way! Perfect. Now what is the interview about?

  5. Anon Ymous

    Got to say, you’re a cute one! Having a prof that’s easy on the eyes is a distinct advantage. I’m sure you’re a good teacher too, but I can’t read Norwegian, so I’ll just have to settle for the eye candy.

  6. Elin

    It’s an Ann Taylor sweather -beautiful!
    You look mischievous:-)

  7. Jill

    Elin, I think I bought that sweater with you! Remember, I eyed it, then decided I couldn’t do the folded down neck thing, then we saw someone else wearing it and agreed that yes, sure, that would work. And we went back and I bought it 🙂

    The rest of you are crazy and yes, flattery will get you everywhere!

  8. New Kid on the Hallway

    It is a good picture. I have no idea what this means, but it’s so not how I pictured you! I imagined you much more stern and forbidding looking. Don’t ask me why. (Probably b/c you’ve been blogging so much longer than I have, and you write about blogs, so you are Authoritative and Informaed and Established and all those kinds of things, and therefore must look that way!)

  9. Anthony

    Cool! Great portrait. Moving over to the Babelfish URL to find a translation option …

  10. Jill

    New Kid, that’s hilarious that you thought I’d look sterner. I feel so utterly un-stern! Maybe I should revert to my old blog design – it used to be the way my publications page still is. Hardly stern. Nah, I got sick of seeing my head up big like that all the time…

    And I have to admit, if I ever met you, New Kid, or Profgrrrl or BitchPhD at a conference I’d be so nervous I probably wouldn’t dare talk to you. Of course I wouldn’t KNOW I’d met you, you tricky things. And there you’d all be giggling together in a corner and going quiet with wicked grins on your collaboratively anonymous faces every time I walked past.


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