I have this idea that somebody wrote something about the interface of hypertext fiction as a kind of narrator. You know, like the little navigation bar in afternoon, a story, or, I suppose, though this wouldn’t have been in the article, the sidebars of a blog. Actually I thought it was Raine Koskimaa, in his PhD thesis, but I can’t find it there. Do you know what I’m thinking of?

2 thoughts on “interface as narrator?

  1. Elin

    I’ve been interested in this quite a lot (the never finsihed thesis ideas:-( ) – think we’ve talked about this in a few emails, and here is a paper, but I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for.

  2. diane greco

    This feels like Terry Harpold territory. He’s written about interface metaphors and narrative (though I’m not sure about interfaces-as-narrators).

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