reading-in-bed-with-charles-and-di.JPGAfter a few days of headaches, a stiff neck and sore throat my nose joined the party and forced me to admit I’m sick. So I’m home, mostly in bed, snoozing, reading and drinking Lemsip out of my favourite cup. Isn’t the cup lovely? It’s a commemorative cup given to me when I was in England the year Charles and Di were married. I was ten and it’s followed me loyally from that childhood simplicity of loving a royal, romantic televised wedding through separation, divorce, and new attempts at love. I’m not planning on early death in a car crash, though, far from it, in fact, tomorrow I plan on being better again.

6 thoughts on “in bed

  1. jon

    Isn’t it typical that you get sick just for the start of term. Get well soon Jill !

  2. Jill

    Thanks! It’s no wonder I’m sick, actually, I’ve been so anxious and run down for the last couple of weeks. Then just as I start to calm down, of course: bang, you’re sick.

    It’s just a cold though, I think I’ll be up and about tomorrow. And I definitely want to be up and about and sprightly by Saturday, because on Saturday I’m going to Copenhagen to visit Lisbeth and Susana and everyone!

  3. vidar

    Hope your`re feeling better soon….the lecture wouldn`t be the same without you! I find salvie tea an excellent cure for my colds, but I`m sure you have had plenty of advice on how to get well…strange how everyone has their own cure for things…nuf rambling tata

  4. Jill

    Why thank you, Vidar, and while you should possibly consider wearing a face mask tomorrow I do expect to make it to the lecture 🙂

    I have some sage in my garden, perhaps I’ll make some tea?

  5. Jorunn

    For a fraction of a moment I thought you said the cup had followed you royally 😉 Feel better!

  6. Anna

    Nice cup! My boyfriend has also got a cup with lady di that’s his absoulute favourite. Its a memorial cup up of lady di. Get well!

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