Jamie Blustein alerted me to the cover story of the latest issue of Interactions, ACM’s magazine, which is by Jim Miller and about immersive gaming and storytelling. Here’s the abstract: if you’re lucky your library or university might have a subscription and you’ll be able to click right through to the PDF. The article is about Exocog, which was “.a set of Web sites that provided a five-week experiment in this new realm.” I see Jim Miller’s also listed as the contact person at Exocog.com for people who might want to know more about immersive marketing. Must explore this.

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  1. Stephen Harlow

    I don’t have access to that article either, 🙁 but I was able to read the original case study which shares much of the same content.

    A fascinating application of new narrative concepts. Interesting that it is the marketers who, in search of new ways of getting their messages to stick, are investigating this area.

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