I’m giving a talk for First Tuesday here in Bergen this Tuesday evening, on social networks. They got an interesting line up – Rune R¯sten, who runs one of Norway’s large social networks, Nettby, is speaking, and so is Kjetil Manheim, from Tarantell. I heard Kjetil speak on Web 2.0 at the graphic designers’ conference, RELEVANS, and he was excellent; very informative and inspiring at the same time. My job is to be the academic giving perspective and cultural implications and so on, which should be fun, especially in a brief and efficient twenty minutes each.

It’s free, so if you’re in Bergen you’re welcome to attend. I think you have to sign up, but that’s it.

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  1. Linn

    This looks so promising! So annoying that I’ll be in Oslo where absolutely no fun ever happens! I really would have loved to go to this!

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