I fixed my blog! I fixed my blog!!

And it only took about two months of whining to anybody who would listen that my ten years of blogging was gone, lost in hyperspace, between an ancient WordPress 2.0.1 install on a legacy university web server and the new version of WordPress on my new host which stupidly couldn’t read my old backups. Finally, the wonderful @daveyinsweden told me to just cut and paste stuff from the mysql file into myphpadmin. Which I had no idea how to do, but really, like most tech stuff, is dead easy once someone shows you and you don’t worry too much about breaking it. Or maybe not exactly dead easy, but at least not completely impossible.

Well. Pretty soon I had 12,000 comments and no posts. So I repasted the posts, and again, and again, and then finally figured out that if I made a new post I could compare the fields and sure enough, the imported ones were lacking a field. A fairly silly field, by the looks of things, but still a field: “Post_type = post”. Once I switched all their post-type’s to being “post” (what else would a post be I wonder?) they showed up with their comments and images and everything! Such joy! Hooray!

Now, I shall sleep, happily.


6 thoughts on “i fixed my blog!!!

  1. My Underu

    i fixed my blog!!! | jill/txt http://t.co/e3MLUXVU

  2. Clare Hooper

    Huzzah! Good to have you back.

  3. Davey

    Hi Jill! Nice to see the blog back in action – cool theme, too!

  4. Jill

    Thanks – and thanks, Dave, for your help!

  5. Liz Lawley

    Interesting that over the past few months there seems to have been a return to more active blogging from a number of us who started blogging a decade ago (ack! a decade?! really??) but had tapered off over time. Wonder what’s factored into that?

  6. Jill

    So it’s not just you and me? Hm, maybe it’s linked to the people claiming they’re leaving social media you posted about? I suppose blogs are our “old-fashioned” retreat to times of yore…

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