Of course I followed the link left by the anonymous commenter who wrote in Danish that he could never stop himself from entering a candy store. Crafty marketer, that commenter, or just someone who knows the medium, because at the end of that link is a new blog fiction, or perhaps fiction, a secret diary written in the third person in a style that when I started reading the first entry reminded me of Pan with its feverously incessant paragraphs about a man maddened by fantasies of women but with little ability to communicate with them, or of The Diary of a Seducer maybe simply because it’s about a man fascinated by women, and it’s in Danish. By the time I’d got to today’s entry the tone had shifted to light porn, or perhaps, if I’m generous, this is the explicitness with which Hamsun would have written today. The diary follows the blogging template by including an “about” page:

Ord, der stammer fra hvem som helst, men alligevel ankommer til dig fra en bestemt. Hemmelig dagbog fra en anonym, skrevet af ingen, men henvendt til alle. Han skriver om sig selv i tredje person ental.

Det er en form for onani.

Hver dag tager han et foto af himlen over hverdagen. Disse himmelsyner supplerer hans febrilske bekendelser og lader dig ane en spr?¶kke af virkelighed bag skriftens hittep?•somhed.

Fort?¶l ham, hvorfor du l?¶ser hans bekendelser.

I suppose he decided to make the criticism of blogs as mental masturbation literal. While I’ll probably bore of daily descriptions of masturbation I am intrigued at the tone of this diary. And it is so clearly positioned as literary. How interesting.

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  1. craig bellamy

    heya jill,

    your blog has really advanced since I looked last. I have just got into this and am looking for an angle. I hope all is well and I have placed a link to yotu blog on my blog if this is ok.



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