I’m registering my publications and talks and everything in FRIDA, the just-become national Norwegian research database which will not only serve as a bibliography of Norwegian research, it’s also going to be where the powers that be figure out how much money to give us. Each department will be getting a portion of their funding according to the number and nature of their publications.

So of course I want to register my weblog. Given I can and will register an interview the student radio did with me, or that lecture I gave in Oslo where five people turned up, I figure my blog must be worth registering. But I can’t find any category that’s suitable.

Anders, Carsten, Hilde, Torill and any other academic Norwegian bloggers: how are you entering your weblogs?

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  1. torill

    I just finished my publishing, and entered the weblog under “other FOU activities”. I also wrote a little summary for it. But I have problems with Forskdok, it doesn’t show anything later than 2000 when I search for my name, which kind og sucks, as I did most of my work after 2000 🙁

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