My camera’s ill but uploading a few phone pics to Flickr I noticed there are other people posting photos from here as well. This is the keynote I’m in right now. Erkki Huhtamo is talking about the history of mobile media, taking a media archaeological approach. Only five years ago histories of new media, or indeed, discussions of new media, rarely mentioned mobile media. Yet Huhtamo’s showing dozens and dozens of images of old kinds of mobile media – from pocket watches, erotic flipbooks, miniture stereo image viewers through to the imagined drawings of Victorian ladies with cameras instead of heads or antennas on their hats. So they can receive direct telegraphs, of course, what did you think? Moving on to cameras, he points out how people were furious at photographers taking photos everywhere. Mobile media is infuriating and seductive. Katherine Moriwaki posted more complete notes from this session.
Erkki Huhtamo’s keynote at ISEA
Originally uploaded by Jill.

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