Good heavens – apparently high school Norwegian textbooks say that Norwegian bloggers often call a blog a “vlogg”. No, nothing to do with video logs, this is supposed to be a short form of “vevlogg”, which would be an optimistic translation of “weblog”.

Turi Marte gets back at her Norwegian teacher – or the textbook – by naming her school blog “vlogg” and laughing at the idea that such a term is actually in use.

2 thoughts on “have you ever heard a norwegian blogger call their blog a “vlogg”?

  1. Hastur

    I did, and so did several of my friends for a while. Mostly as a joke based on our rather firm stance when it comes to Nynorsk, the superior of norwegian written languages.

  2. Rachel

    I’m an American exchange student in Norway, and have never heard any such term. I’ve only mentioned blogs a few times, though, and still don’t understand so much of conversation going on around me.

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