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  1. vika

    Is that an old person with a cane? Ooh, this game is fun.

    I don’t have a digital, or in fact any functional camera. I cannot *wait* ’til E. moves (soon!) and I can snag his occasionally.

  2. Jill

    Hihi – mum wouldn’t like to be called “an old person with a cane” – no, no, she’s a hip woman in her prime with a hip, deluxe mountaineering walking stick. See, she treks the globe a few times a year, climbs Kilimanjaro, treks across Alaska, does Peru, hikes through Upper Mustang (Nepal, you geographic ignoramuses) or Khazbekistan, that sort of thing. Do that kind of stuff enough and you quickly learn that professional stick accessories are not only necessary but incredibly cool.

    So upgrade your stick vocab, Vika!

    Cameras are fun. Really. Especially digital ones, and especially when you have a blog to post em to.

    Hurry on E.!

  3. vika

    Hee! My profound apologies to your mum. The shadows look like this might as well be high up in Tibet. A stately, slow monk making his way along a road, and a young disciple respectfully bowing in greeting.

    I am new and improved, now with stick 2.0!

  4. Jill

    Mum probably wouldn’t mind the disciple bit 馃槈

    Actually the photo’s just from round the corner. Well, up on Ulriken. Not far.


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