We not only had fun following the players around and laughing at their antics, they reminded us, in the most amusing manner, of how rich with history Bergen is. It’s easy to forget all the stories here – like the stories of the Hanseatic League, whose Northernmost post was in Bergen. The Hansa merchants’ houses still line the harbour, and stepping into the labyrinthine passages between them is still bewitching. Of course, 500 years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to walk through those passages. Women weren’t permitted in the area at all. Nor could women own property, sign contracts or trade – except for their bodies. I like living now. It was great seeing my seven-year-old daughter soak up the history, too, especially with such enjoyment.

Avslutningssangen, Hansaspill, 23 mai 2004

Bergen Byspill will be playing Hansaspill for another month.

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