This guy is taking photos of himself every half hour for three weeks. There’s something fascinating about his almost-identical expression in every photo, the ever-changing backgrounds that are somehow almost the same despite their wild differences and the repetetiveness of it all. He’s always moving yet always alone, too, have you noticed? Makes me want to try it myself.

9 thoughts on “halfhourly photos

  1. Henning

    Reminds me of the movie Smoke with Harvey Keitel

  2. Matt

    No, I know you are better looking, but one trial is enough! There’s something off-putting about this particular series.

    Think of another way of introducing time/life/travel/routine into still images!

    FWIW, I’m doing a Pond (link: “the clearing”), at whatever interval I fancy.

  3. Jill

    Wow, this photo of yours is very akin to this one of mine. Driftwood.

    Matt, you have a strange and intriguing weblog. What exactly do you mean by doing a Pond, though? Or did I just not read far enough?

  4. Matt

    You read as far as the words had drifted …

    I guess you mean [in sillhouette] was similar?

    Doing a pond implies simply this:

    1. (the algorithm)
    – when nearby, go, preferably walk/run, to the pond and take its picture
    – stand in the same spot each time
    – repeat for a year, or so
    – assemble the series, somehow (print? web? video? matchboxes??)
    – put it, the assemblage, somewhere … to be decided …

    2. (the rationale)

    see what changes
    – in the scene
    – in the picture-taker
    – in the viewer of the pictures
    – in anything else that emerges

  5. Jill

    Ah. Exactly. I suppose I sort of do that with life. The algorithm is less clear.

    I like it though.

    Yes, I meant [in silhouette]. The link in my comment was broken. I fixed it now 🙂

  6. Doug

    Wow. Weirdly intimate – like going on holiday with someone, even through airport-terminal hell.

  7. jim

    His face is the self as identity isn’t it…the subject in the scene..He needs no body but we can see who he is and around his near expressionless features passes many scenes we recognise (almost script like)..the airport bathtub fishmarekt shopping centre street….I like very much

  8. fivecats

    Bruce Barone, mylastsigh over at LJ, has been doing a similar thing. His project is a self-portrait per day this year. He’s posted a lot of them, along with his other stunning photographs in his blog.

    Worth checking out.

  9. drift words

    Here’s “my” pond again, roughly a fortnight ago … The obvious, if not to say hackneyed, idea behind this growing pond series is …

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