I climbed Ulriken yesterday. Well, only halfway, because it was late and the gnats were driving me mad, but on the way down, as the sun was setting, I noticed that if I focussed on the grass instead of the sunset the grass became silhouetted. How pretty, I thought, but I couldn’t quite find the Japanese kind of image I wanted. The mountain kept getting in the way.
Grass in the sunset
Originally uploaded by Jill.

3 thoughts on “grass, silhouetted

  1. Steve

    Damn those montains!
    I think the orange of the sunset is competing with the silhouette of the grass. Perhaps you could reduce the saturation of the image to get something a little better balanced?

  2. Jill

    I see what you mean, but I *like* the glowing sunset! The composition’s not quite right – I think the grass should have been sort of down and right a bit, and the mountain, maybe, lighter, and then maybe the balance would have worked out. I’m not sure. But it’s fun trying to find perfect images!

  3. Francois Lachance

    The mention of “Japanese kind of image” led me to play a Renga game with mountain moving.
    The resulting files are available for your viewing pleasure

    mountain releases gnats
    shooting past sun’s solstice prime
    grass seed head nods

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