Of course, putting the category at the bottom of each post leads to some funny sentences. I’ve not designed my categories for this grammar: “Posted by Jill to world at 8:59” – well, yes, I suppose I am posting to the world. I could rename every category, organise all this by whom I’m addressing, or what emotions I’m expressing, rather than by what I think I’m talking about. “Posted by Jill to Apollo”, for instance, for clear-headed posts, or I could post to Diana when I was feeling chaste and forestbound. Thor for thundering fury. Buddha when seeking inner calm. Dionysos, obviously, after a night’s carousing. Aphrodite when in love.

What kind of posts would I address to you, though?

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  1. Christian

    It’s an interessting system, but I don’t think it will be much help for your readers. Browsing by category is a good way for finding things and a category called Apollo would not say anything about the content.

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