The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry (NÊrings- og handelsdepartementet) is considering using social media and they’ve started a blog to discuss how and if they should do so. I’m not quite sure what sort of things I want the Ministry of Trade and Industry to share to be honest. I suspect a focused blog – say, on how to start up a business (if supporting that is even one of the missions of the ministry, see, I’m kind of clueless) – would be more useful than a general blog. I must say, I’m surprised at how much I enjoy the TSA blog, though, or the Danish Patent- og VaremÊrkestyrelsen blog – both of which are run by bureaucratic department-style organisations. They want feedback, so go over and comment if you have any thoughts.

Norsk sprÂkrÂd (The Norwegian Language Council) is also just starting up a blog – http://klarsprÂ is going to be the URL but they’re not quite there yet, I think.

Are there other “official” Norwegian blogs I should know about?

Update: Mihoe has

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  1. Anne

    PST (Norwegian Police Security Service) is on Facebook. Does that count?
    I suppose it’s a good thing, but I just find that … odd.

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