Oh, now that’s an elegant version of a google bomb. The top hit on Google for “Bush’s foreign friends” is an art project faking Google search results. So if you do that search and click “I’m feeling lucky” you might, as I did, for a short while believe that Google has a mind of its own.

The creator of this is Douwe Osinga, who has a lot of other interesting art and poetry projects, many of which use Google. He also has a list of creative Google hacks, the latest of which will let you search for things that happened on a particular date. And since Google’s date search isn’t very good, your results won’t be those you’ll read in the history books. There’s also a weblog.

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  1. weez


  2. datacloud

    A Google Hack
    Enter “bush’s former friends” and hit “I feel lucky” at google. Or take a shortcut. [via jill/txt]…

  3. Anders Jacobsen's sideblog

    Google fun of the day
    Google for Bush’s foreign friends for a good laugh. (by Douwe Osinga, via jill)…

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