Some of the reasons I’m looking forward to Leopard coming out in October:

  • A pretty graphical thing called Stacks to make piles of documents look not only neat, but sexy. I wish my manual desktop would do that.
  • Copy something in an email straight to a todo list
  • Lots of stuff about clutter-free desktops and ways of dealing with digital clutter.
  • iChat Theater for sharing pictures, videos, slideshows etc as well as text, sound and video with friends
  • Easily hook up to your home mac while on the move
  • BootCamp is now included, so you can boot the computer into Windows if you like. If you buy Windows.
  • An RSS reader in Mail – do I want that?
  • Time Machine – go back to the way your computer was yesterday, or last week. Would definitely be useful after messing everything up..
  • Now admittedly, most of these are more about convenience and pleasure than about fundamentals, but there are enough goodies that I know I’ll enjoy that obviously I’ll upgrade. I could preorder Leopard at Amazon if I lived in the US. But I assume I’ll also be able to get it from my local Apple stores easily enough.

    Any other goodies that I didn’t spot?

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