Anyone interested in German language electronic literature will be pleased to find Beat Suter’s catalogue of it: “Diese datenbank mit dem korpus deutschsprachiger hyperfictions liefert drei kommentierte listen zum thema hyperfiction.” Beat Suter, who’s based in Z¸rich, has also published and presented a pile of papers on hypertext fiction, mostly in German, which means I can understand enough to see that I’d love to read them but not enough to really understand them. His site,, also published new German language hyperfiction.

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  1. Beat Suter

    Hi jill

    thank you for mentioning my database on German electronic literature. The list has been started ten years ago, it contains only some recent material. It is still quite usable and offers short descriptions and access to important projects. On the other hand it needs revising. Incidentally your links don’t work. The URLs are: and . As you and your readers may be interested in essays on digital literature, I recommend a look into our archive on, it contains full texts of more than 100 essays on digital literature, however most texts are in German …

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