Scott showed me George Bush “singing” U2’s anti-war song “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” – go have a look, it’s brilliant. Now I want a database of tiny videoclips of Bush, cut into word-by-word sections and catalogued so that I can type in a sentence, any sentence, and have Bush say it.

Did someone already make that?

4 thoughts on “george bush puppet

  1. S¯ren Pold

    Well the principle is ready – what about making a popsong out of “Axes of Evil” or “Either you’re with us or agains us”.

  2. For your amusement on a Friday afternoon…….

    Take a look at George II singing “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” a clip on Google Video which is making the rounds on some very fine blogs…….

  3. McChris

    This isn’t what you’re asking for, but have you seen Subservient President? It’s a parody of Burger King’s “Subservient Chicken” promotion.

  4. […] “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” a clip on Google Video which is making the rounds on some very fine blogs. […]

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