Some of the students’ blog reviews contain pearls. Catherina, for instance, writes about a personal diary mostly dealing with depression, and notes that the blog only has one category: livet mitt, my life. At first I thought she meant this metaphorically, but no, every post is “posted to” the category “my life” and there really are no other categories. Perhaps his blogging software simply defaults to categories, but whether it was planned or not, it seems such a strong image to me, such a striking, though tiny, effect. Trond’s (quite excellent) review is of Citizen Smash‘s blog, which I realised after a while that I followed a year ago when Citizen Smash was Lt Smash, one of very few bloggers actually (or apparently) in Iraq. Now he’s back home, a pro-war activist, and Trond’s review elegantly examines a single post Citizen Smash made, not only showing what kind of a blog this is but exploring how this post explemifies how blogs can work as part of a community. Among my other favourite reviews so far (I still have lots I’ve not looked at yet) are BÂrd’s of and Alina’s of

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  1. A-LOG

    Jill ser ut til  like min blogg anmeldelse som vi alle venter  f karakter pÂ. Jeg selv var bedre forn¯yd med website analysen.. Men n er jeg skikkelig spennt!…

  2. THE's Blogg

    Hederlig omtale
    Anmeldelsen min av Citizen Smash min fÂr relativt hederlig omtale i jill/txt. Det morsomste er allikevel at det viser seg at hun selv har lest den (ca. et Âr siden) under bloggens gamle navn; LT.Smash….

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