8 thoughts on “fur

  1. patricia

    hmm. Have to say making little furry covers never occurred to me … but if we replaced the apple with a heart, i could see maybe taking on the project. 😀

  2. christian

    I bet there is an overwelming number of women using ibook. Just because the colors are so nice, or they match their new sofa and curtains. oh yes I would kill for a lightblue pc with a teddybear painted on the chassis. 😉

  3. Henning

    Can’t say I want this for my iBook. Or my reputation. Anyways, think I read a piece in Wired online about Japanese communities for modifying the appearance of macs.
    Ah, here’s the link:


  4. Mark H

    Right now I’d be happy if I hadn’t dropped my son’s monitor on my iBook keyboard. There were tears. Although the furry stuff might have helped comfort me through the trauma.

  5. Matt K.

    Those hirsute guys in ZZ Top used to play fuzzy guitars:


  6. Jill

    Actually, it reminds me of Meret Oppenheim’s furry cup from 1936. I remember being shown that slide in an art history lecture when I was about 22 and being shocked when the lecturer said that it was an explicit sexual statement and caused an uproar, especially coming from a female artist. Concave, furry, see? Obvious in retrospect, and I’m surprised, really, that none of the commentators here today have raised the sexual connotations of a woman adding fur to her iBook.

    And of course there are no colours on new iBooks. They’re white, straight-edged and slim-lined and would only go with a minimalist sofa. Unless you paint them or fur them.

  7. Rorschach

    Concave, furry, and sexual? I read the link but I couldn’t assertain whether the artist acknowldged that it was a sexual statement. After seeing the picture was the uproar caused by a man with an overactive rightousness complex or did the artist say, “Yes, it’s supposed to be a sexual innuendo?”

    I like the idea of adding fur to my Powerbook though. Nothing sexual — I think it might protect it when my son and/or daughter (or I) drop it. I don’t think I’ll do pink though …

  8. Jill

    My ancient bronze powerbook recently survived a straihgt drop from two metres onto hard, cold concrete. The CD-player’s kind of loose but still works, and everything else is fine. Slow, but it’s been slow for ages.

    I’m impressed, I have to admit.

    And fur’s not necessary, it seems 🙂

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