Have you seen fotolog.net? It’s a community of photo blogs. Thousands of users post their photos daily. Each user has a page of their own which shows their most recently posted photo, in addition to thumbnails of their previous five photos in the left column, and thumbnails of the most recent photos their favourite other users have taken in the right column. Underneath there’s a guestbook with comments from visitors – and that’s it.

It’s a really simple though very satisfying system that relies almost completely on visual links, and it’s a pleasure to roam around it, moving from one photographer to the next. I started with Jon Hoem’s fotolog page; it’s nice seeing photos of bits of Bergen I hadn’t noticed, and Jon’s a good photographer.

5 thoughts on “fotolog.net

  1. Jon

    Thank you Jill. More of the same kind over here: http://infodesign.no/pastforward/. The texts are in norwegian, but I guess most of the photos speak for themselves.

    Fotolog.net has a very simple interface, but the feature “Friends/Favorites” is nice.

  2. Jill

    Ah, thanks for the link, Jon, your photoblog is excellent 🙂

  3. royby

    hey Jill

    have a look at my fotolog at http://www.fotolog.net/royby/

    cheers – Roy

  4. Jill

    Ooh, I have several friends at fotolog! Anyone else?

  5. Anonymous


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